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Finally, A Vegan Cookbook For Everyone!

Vegetarian Traditions

Favorite Recipes From My Years At

The Legendary Inn Season Cafe


Here’s what people are saying:

Oh, be still my heart: Vegetable Almond Quesadilla, Portabella Romescu, Benares Rice Pudding and the cherry on top–Hazelnut Torte with Hot Fudge Sauce–and all recipes are dairy-free! If there is a heaven, it is inside the covers of this gorgeous, easy-to-follow cookbook of legendary recipes–Vegetarian Traditions. Or perhaps even more heavenly, a kitchen full of cooks preparing these delicious dishes for you and your guests, so that all you have to do is think dreamy thoughts and treat your palate to a party. Vegetarian Traditions makes a gorgeous present that will be enjoyed for a lifetime. I was mightily impressed and felt immediate food cravings!

~Ingrid Newkirk, President and Co-Founder of PETA

From Amazon.com:

All “secrets” are shared in this book. I believe this based on the quality of his recipes and the thoroughness of his descriptions. Also, if you get to meet him in person, you’ll get a sense that George is down to earth and one of those sincere, full of integrity, and patient individuals we don’t get to meet often enough. He poured everything he has in this book and it shows.
He’s holding up a beautiful fresh vegetable for you to admire, inspiring you to make the most of it in the recipe. He’s sharing memories, history, and wonderful photographs, all so engaging that you’ll read through it like a novel!  The layout of one recipe per page with the ingredients listed on the side, makes it user-friendly. The recipes are cleary written and simple to follow. The seasonings perfect. Move over Moosewood!
This has become one of my favorite cookbooks and I’m not even vegetarian. The recipes are written in such a way that they are very easy to follow, and the author has included a brief description of each recipe that is both interesting and informative.
It is a crowd pleaser for sure and i have even turned some self defined die hard meat eaters onto it at dinner parties. Highly recommended!!!
As Detroit natives, my family and I had been Inn Season Cafe fans for years. Needless to say, we were ecstatic when a friend informed us that the cookbook had just come out. This is not just a book for Inn Season fans, it’s a great cookbook for anyone who is vegan or looking to eat healthier — or just looking to expand their culinary horizons, for that matter (many of the recipes feature international cuisines and flavors). I am also gluten-free and many of the recipes are gluten-free or easily adaptable. The brown rice salad (p. 73) was a huge hit with the whole fam (veg and non-veg alike). This is a wonderful all-around cookbook, and one that I’m sure I will cherish for years to come.
From around the country:
…thank you again for sharing your brilliance with the world.
Wanted to let you know I am cooking out of your book several times a week and nothing disappoints.  I did the mushroom soup with the roux last night and it was soooo outstanding….your recipes are moving me to a more vegan orientation,  giving me more energy…
~JT, San Diego
I also found the cornbread recipe and it went perfect with chili, which came out great. My husband said something to the tune of, ” this is the best chili ever” and he is a big chili connoisseur ;o)  We have definitely been enjoying the book.
~SLW, Portland

I made the Vegetable Potato Pancakes, from your cookbook (which I just purchased), and they were incredible, along with the Apple Chutney. I can’t eat the latkes at Polish Village in Hamtramck anymore since I asked how they cook them. They are cooked in lard, of course. Yours are even better!!! Thanks. I bought the book just for the Cashew Chili recipe, but I’m finding lots of other interesting things!!!

~BJ, White Lake, MI