Vegetarian Traditions: Favorite Recipes From My Years At The Legendary Inn Season Cafe (hardcover)

In the highly anticipated Vegetarian Traditions, George Vutetakis unveils a selection
of wildly popular recipes from his 20 years at the legendary Inn Season Cafe.
This colorful cookbook focuses on quality ingredients, freshness and seasonality with exciting
flavors, textures and presentation.
A  “must-have “
whether you are a vegetarian,
vegan or just a lover of great food.
Discover more than 150 tried-and-true, delectable and naturally low fat vegan recipes
which brought  rave reviews at Chef George’s famed cafe.
Here are some you won’t want to miss:
Budapest Mushroom Soup
Thai Samosa
Spinach Walnut Torte
Vegetable Almond Quesadilla
Banana Coconut Cream Pie
Warm Cherry Napoleon
Chocolate Almond Cream Cake
So, get out your apron and delight family and friends with recipes based on
worldwide traditions  that are sure to find their way into your permanent repertoire.
Vegetarian Traditions inspires both the novice and experienced cook to explore the benefits of local, organic and sustainable ingredients as Chef George walks  you from the soil to the farm to the table with numerous profiles, anecdotes and food lore.

2 Replies to “Vegetarian Traditions: Favorite Recipes From My Years At The Legendary Inn Season Cafe (hardcover)”

  1. Hello,

    I have been craving the Budapest mushroom soup since the start of the pandemic. I literally can’t get it off my tongue. I even tried to replicate it (didn’t work out as planned. Any advice on how to perfect it?

    1. Hello Raneen,

      The recipe is in my book. Unfortunately we are in between versions and the book is no longer available as new. The updated version is slated for publication this year.
      The recipe gets better as it slow cooks, or reheats. I usually make it a day ahead of time to allow the flavors to meld.
      Hope this helps,

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