Regenerative Grains

Detroit Bread Camp is happening! 2019 James Beard Award Winner Chef Greg Wade will be conducting a bread immersion locally grown organic grains and natural yeasts using a wood-fired oven.

The event is geared toward chefs, food influencers and anyone who is passionate about what they eat. The event is geared to all skill levels, ranging from beginners to professional baker.

You will see our amazing Michigan grains, meet farmers who grow them, interact with fellow chefs, participate in one of the largest Detroit urban farms and experience the delicious flavors, textures and aromas of whole grain, naturally leavened and wood-fire baked bread!

The event is limited to 20 people to ensure Chef Greg has one on one time with each participant.

It will be held at Oakland Avenue Organic Farm. Hampshire Farms helped to construct a new wood-fired oven on site with reclaimed bricks.

Regenerative Bread Camp and Community Day are all part of Heritage Grain weekend when area restaurant chefs and caterers will bake with, 2019 James Beard Outstanding Baker Award recipient, Greg Wade. 

The community weekend kicks off with Breaking Bread Together on Sunday, June 23rd 12:30pm-3:00pm with Chef George Vutetakis [] , Hampshire Farms, Spencer Farm at Oakland Avenue Urban Farm. This day is all part of a partnership with Hazon Detroit [] . The public will enjoy the taste of heritage grains, fresh bread from the brick oven and pancakes hot of the griddle all from Michigan flours.

For chefs, bakers, and those with interest in baking who want to gain more knowledge in the versatility of using grains the following two days Monday, June 23rd and Tuesday, June 24th, will bake with Wade. Bread camp is educating and connecting growers, millers, bakers, chefs and consumers who are creating a rise in demand for local grains. This program will increase a baker’s capacity to procure and utilize regionally grown whole grains to help build and develop the regional food-shed.

Workshop topics include:

Learn how a region is building its specialty grain food-shed from farmer to baker to consumer.

Compare commodity grains and specialty grains in baking and pastry applications.

Utilize whole and processed specialty grains in baking and pastry applications.

Utilize honey in baking and pastry applications.

Hear how a farmer and baker collaboration is created.

Work with a wood burning oven.

Define heritage grains and fermentation.

Discuss nutrition of whole grains and fermentation

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Videos of past Bread Camps:

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