The Cacao Tree Cafe

Amber Poupore was one the most exceptional employees I had at Inn Season Cafe, wanting to learn everything about the restaurant business.  She started as a dishwasher and viewed it as the beginning of a learning process.  She was a natural and soon had mastered every possible job in the restaurant, never shying away from the tough ones like washing dishes, scrubbing odd surfaces and taking care of customers.  Even after I sold the restaurant, she assisted me with classes I taught at Whole Foods while she continued to work part time at the cafe.  Eventually she became a certified Rudolph Steiner Waldorf teacher at the Detroit Waldorf School.

Since then, in addition to managing the dining room of Inn Season Cafe, she also studied the benefits of raw foods with David Wolfe, Regeneration Raw with Andrea McNinch and numerous other raw food related programs.  When I received the call that she had purchased the former Tasi Juice Bar in Royal Oak, I sensed the same confidence and spirit of working with the community she always had.

Within a few short weeks, the Cacao Tree Cafe took shape and blossomed under her direction.  Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, the beautiful, delicious and healing food has become the talk of the town.   The Cacao Tree, with their offerings of vegan, raw and living food, complements the nearby Inn Season Cafe’s cuisine.

Chefs Hitoko and Zack create beautiful and delicious confections, savory snacks and life-enhancing entrees.  The raw falafels, burritos, tacos and stir fries are full of flavor, vital nutritional energy and also very fulfilling.

This is the beginning of something special.  A New Year is here and the place to celebrate is the Cacao Tree Cafe!

The Cacao Tree Cafe Video

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