This Week in Food

Every week something new pops up at the market.  The first few heirloom tomatoes, sweet white Siberian kale from Cinzori Farms and local peaches are notable this week. Also, as each week progresses, the corn is sweeter and is more tender by the day.  We do not get corn like this in San Diego, where the best is comparable to end of season Michigan corn—-Something to be said for winter dormancy, manifested in the intensely flavorful splendors of summer. 

The season progresses and culinary excitement builds as we explore various local fresh flavors.  Farmers market produce is bolstered by herbs and tender greens plucked from the garden, while bread made from Hampshire Farms fresh ground flours makes the house smell irresistible.

Below is a photo tour as we work on editing The Inn Season Cafe cookbook, documenting my years as chef and chef/owner—1981 to 2002.

The book is entirely vegan as well as all the food presented here.


Maple Creek Farms–beautiful organic foods


Michigan Peaches are in!


Burda’s cherries and berries


Sauteed endive with pine nuts


Cinzori kale salad with plum vinaigrette


Donny Hobson zucchinis


Zucchini Parmagiana


Roasted coriander bread with Corscan thyme honey


Chocolate almond cream cake

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