Local Edits


This week, our editing team has been immersed in Inn Season Cafe recipes, cutting this, adding that.  An exacting task, this is the final stretch of getting the recipes almost perfect.  Needless to say, appetites are worked up looking at, talking about and documenting the foods that made Inn Season Cafe so popular for decades.  There are no complaints when we break for meals and I am able to cook dishes with local market ingredients.  We have convinced ourselves (without great effort) the satisfaction arising from partaking in beautiful fresh food, adds an edge to the often tedious editing process.  Here is a sampling of the market finds and dishes created.

Quick chopped gazpacho


Fresh caprese style tomatoes


Tomato season is here!


Spinach salad with tofu and walnuts


Corn and leek cakes with chopped guacamole


Michigan blueberries are extra sweet right now.


Swiss chard tart


Almond and orange torta 




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