Introducing The Vegetarian Guy

A chef, a designer in historic restoration, an amateur historian, an organic gardener—yes, all of the above, but really just a guy—The Vegetarian Guy.  George Vutetakis has changed lives one meal at a time through his thoughtfully created and artistically presented cuisine. His approach to food combines Yoga, culinary traditions, and modern sensibilities, finding connections between the land, the table and the palate. A passion for history has led him to discover vegetarian traditions in every culture that include methods and attitudes which exploit both the flavors and textures of fresh food and the inherent health benefits coming from proper preparation.  The Vegetarian Guy wants to share this with you; whether by attending events, reading his books, surfing his website or watching his podcasts—you are a guest at his table. If you cannot see the video below, click on this link: the-vegetarian-guy.jpg

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