It was a late morning trek to the market this week.  Stopping by the La Milpa Organica booth, I noticed the lack of produce on the tables. Most of their bounty had been sold.  Fortunately, I was looking for Lamb’s Quarters and Sorrel, both of which were still there.  Reed avocados, Sapote, Pineapple Guava and sweet Persian Limes were at Barry Koral’s booth.  Organic Red Flame raisins, fresh shelled almonds, baby bell peppers and sweet baby cantaloupes were some of the abundance that caught my attention while walking through the market.


Andrea Hankin’s Morocco Gold date orchard from Bard, California still had plenty of Medjools from this year’s harvest. The fresh dried Medjools have a caramel like flavor that melts in the mouth with an explosion of velvety sweetness.  

For more info and history of California dates go to

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